Shocking Blackouts Continue – Grid Failure From Texas to New York – All by Design

Shocking Blackouts Continue – Grid Failure From Texas to New York – All by Design

Josh Sigurdson reports on the continued blackouts throughout the United States following a massive winter storm, showing that the crumbling and outdated power grid is set up for failure. Nearly 100 people have died as houses and cars freeze over in ice. Many towns are facing potentially 2 or 3 weeks without electricity still.

Meanwhile, there are even more false flag sabotage attacks on substations and pipelines just like we saw countless examples of factory fires throughout the past year. All meant to force us into dependence out of desperation for food and electricity as they bring in the Great Reset technocratic totalitarianism.


‘Blizzard of the century’: Death toll rises as Buffalo digs out

At least 60 people have died nationwide from the wintry weather that wreaked havoc across the U.S. over Christmas weekend.

‘Blizzard of the century’ continues to grip Buffalo: Incredible scenes from western New York and Lake Erie as homes ICE OVER and stranded locals are forced to bed down in Target

The storm has killed at least 68 people across the country and the aftermath in Buffalo has been likened to a war zone, with struggling emergency crews expecting the death toll to rise further.

ADAPT2030 David Dubyne – 150 Year Winter Storm Event DEC.25.2022

We are witnessing a once in a generation event for some, and other locations the last time day time highs were in the teens F, that takes us back to 1872, or 150 years ago in NYC. Also setting records were the fastest temperature drop ever recorded in 30 minutes in Wyoming, coldest wind chill at -72F in Montana and hurricane winds creating 20+ft waves across the great lakes with storm surge floods along shorelines. Truly historic event still underway.